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When to Say 'No' to a Partner

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Alliance professionals generally want to say 'Yes' and please everyone, but with all those spinning plates to balance at some stage it is critical to put your foot down and declare that 'enough is enough'. When is the right time to do this though and not create a conflict?

There is no perfect answer to this question, except do what makes your boss happy! However, there are a few signs that that you should look out for to begin if you want to end the partnership. Here is a short and non-exhaustive list:

  1. Is the partner abusing your product? Product abuse comes in many forms. Whatever shape it is taking, it might mean that its time for divorce!

  2. Is the partner complaining about your services/product to mutual clients? Yikes, that's embarrassing and not professional at all.

  3. Do you hear crickets? Check in on this one. Someone might just have extended leave, or have moved jobs, but you should not let the partnership go quiet for too long.

  4. Is your partner paying its invoices to your organisation? Not just partnership fees, but also Professional Services invoices sometimes can sit outstanding in accounts payable. Make sure this is not the case for you!

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