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IWD 2023

What a year for IWD!! Is it just me, or was this the most event packed, article posting, donation making, recognition making year yet???

Women in Data, Women in Fintech, Accenture, Microsoft, and so many others had lunches and Galla award giving events. WIA's Tina Valand, and Muskan Varshney both made it to the FinTech Powerlist, and Tina Gravel was mentioned in Top Cyber News Magazine. Deborah Korb's partner ecosystem in Supply Chain mentioned all the women working in the ecosystem - which I think is a brilliant idea for all triangulation alliances (let's see more of that next year).

WIA had its own event with a webinar on the 9th (just to let you attend all the other events on the 8th). Daryn Edgar shared priceless insight on how to join a non-Exec Board and exponentially jump start your career.

Lastly I'd like to give my employer, V7 Labs, a special mention for asking the lovely ladies on our team if they would like a gift or to make a donation in our names. We all selected a donation, and they generously donated to a women's charity to help women develop their careers in tech! Why not suggest the same to your employer next year?!

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