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Join us at Fintech Festival Fringe

In our capacity as a sponsor, Women in Alliances has free tickets for anyone who is interested in attending the Fintech Festival Fringe in London between the 10-13th of June.

Just click on the link Fintech Fringe Events - 10 Upcoming Activities and Tickets | Eventbrite and enter this code: 'Speaker_100. 


I am thrilled to announce I'll be moderating the above panel session alongside Zumo and Salv during London Tech Week. The fireside chat will cover the many barriers marketers face due to strict regulation but also how regulation can be a friend in terms of driving the adoption of solutions and best practices across Fintech.

Overall, the whole Fintech Festival Fringe program is like a mini-accelerator for Fintechs delivering 4 days of masterclasses in scaling. Just focused on the practical. No fluff, no BS, just actionable insights. Also super affordable. If you're a scaling fintech, don't give it a second thought. Just register!

Zhenya Winter

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