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LOVE WIA? Want to boost your Career? Why not start a chapter???

So many women love what WIA is doing and want to volunteer their time, but don't how. Creating a local chapter helps WIA, women in your area, and YOU!!

There are chapters in London, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, NYC, Chicago, and more coming soon in Dallas and Miami.

But how do you get one going in your area? It's easy...

  1. Contact the Head of Chapters to introduce yourself and share some ideas of how you think you can help. (

  2. We will give you the names of the WIA members in your city.

  3. Reach out to them and your network - ask them to bring a friend (membership is FREE).

  4. Arrange an online meeting or better yet start off meeting in person - maybe for a coffee, or even drinks on a patio?

  5. Repeat (no rinsing) this process a few times a year - whatever suits your schedule!

You and your members will find that this is a great way to build relationships, share best industry practices, and share experiences (good & bad). It will boost your confidence in industry (and some even say provide you with great work therapy too)!

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