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Spotlight on Amelia Alicja Pilkington

Amelia Pilkington

How did you get into partnerships?

Having a great interest in technology and innovation, I started my journey experimenting in areas such as web development, prompt engineering, and project management. I then ventured into technology sales and Ecosystem partnerships, where I became passionate about building relationships with partners and clients and developing joint propositions. This experience led me to my current role as an Ecosystems Pre-Sales Solution Architect, where I thrive on collaborating with various partners to deliver joint value while still being immersed in the world of technology.

What do you love the most about it?

There are many aspects I appreciate about this area: building relationships, the creativity involved in developing new solutions, working towards shared goals, and learning about partner technologies. As someone early in my career, I really appreciate being trusted to contribute to ideas and decisions within a wider team. My age hasn’t been a factor that others have used to hold me back – as long as I can deliver with the best!

What attributes make you good at your job as a manager of partnerships?

My ability to nurture genuine relationships with partners and people at all levels, coupled with a sincere interest in their new technological developments, allows me to excel in managing partnerships. I ask questions and listen. Additionally, I ensure transparency and take initiative wherever possible.

What are the biggest challenges faced when you are new to partnerships?

I have noticed that when you are new to the space, it can be daunting and challenging to break in without connections and credibility. Building credibility and gaining trust to make decisions often requires demonstrating a plethora of experience and showcasing a wide range of partnerships you have nurtured—a situation where you can't have one without the other. You often need people who are open to listen to you and are willing to take a chance, which can be a challenge in itself.

What other challenges have you experienced in the partnership space?

Partnerships can sometimes be a second thought for teams that haven't been educated on their importance, leading to ineffective collaboration and missed opportunities. Supporting others' understanding of partnerships is a must!

How important do you think partnerships will be in the next five years?

Partnerships are already crucial, with clients frequently enquiring about Ecosystem partners and how we collaborate to provide value—whether through licenses, services, optimal commercial terms, or architecture tailored to their needs. This trend will continue to grow as more companies leverage partnerships for their go-to-market strategies and combine capabilities.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and partner innovations?

I use a few channels to stay up-to-date, including LinkedIn, newsletters, and webinars. However, my favourite method is word of mouth – hence joining WIA! I also regularly connect with partners to discuss new technological advancements in their companies, their perspectives on current trends, and emerging areas. I find that discussions like these not only provide valuable insights but also help in building relationships with a diverse range of people.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to move into partnerships?

Moving into partnerships is a great move! My advice would be to persevere, be proactive, and take initiative. Focus on nurturing and developing relationships with partners, as well as with yourself. Be confident in your abilities, find allies, seek mentorship, and continue to grow.

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