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About Us

Founded in October 2020 the group has now grown to over 1000 members world wide. Since its inception, many members have had help with promotions, placements, networking, and skill development.

In May 2021 WIA held its first Global Summit delivered by international speakers and women that head global alliance teams. Our dynamic speakers included Tiffani Bova, Gavriella Schuster from MS, Janet Schijns, Wendy Bahr from Rubrik, and Isabella Phoenix from HP, with topics ranging from the challenges of women in business, sustainability, to building alliance skills.

June 2022 was the follow up Summit with over 15 speakers. The keynote was delivered by Hanne Jesca Bax, Managing Partner from EY.

The 3rd Annual Summit, Elevate Your Future, was held in October 2023 and like previous years our speakers were top-drawer! Our own Tina Gravel joined Jay McBain to discuss industry trends, and Dianna Gearin discussed the developing marketplace with Vince Menzione of Ultimate Partner.

We hold frequent webinars, networking events, so watch out for your next local get together or online event!

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