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How We Help


Knowledge Share

We hold webinars where leading industry people share experiences and advise on best in practice activities to help drive your career.

In addition, many members reach out to one another for tips and tool recommendations on the LinkedIn group page, and with posts. We encourage you do the same because we would like to learn from everyone! Check out the posts in your regional Group.

WIA Mentoring

Want to give to others the way some have helped you in your career? Can you offer 4 hours over a span of time? If so, we would love to hear from you and pair you with members who would like to learn form your advice and build their careers.



Please post new roles in our regional groups or the Blog page for members to peruse. We also have several posts from recruiters, and members who have recently been through the recruitment process that might give you a few tips.
***Also ask the committee for CV help. If we can't do it, one of our members will also gladly help.


At the centre of Alliances is networking. Continue to expand your network, whether in lockdown or not, by being a member and joining our activities!

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