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WIA Global Summit 2023

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Tina Gravel
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Elevate Your Future


" was so interesting and I learnt so much from it. I’m so grateful to have access to such expertise." 

Sandrine Cocks (Head of Alliances EMEA, Varicent)

"The future of partnerships requires that we rise to the C-Suite. It’s our opportunity, let’s earn it!"

Asher Mathew (CEO, Partnership Leaders)


Sandy Carter: 

AI and Web3 - A new playing field for the Alliance Ecosystem

We’re entering a new age of technology powered by advancements in Web3, and AI, both areas covered by Gartner’s Top Tech to Experiment with in 2023. In this session we’ll explore how Web3 is changing what it means to exist online through advancements in digital identity and data ownership, and examine how AI is being leveraged as a partner to businesses. The common thread tying these technologies together is how digital identity will keep us grounded, allowing us to benefit from these advancements without having to give up control of our digital lives - and how these technologies will disrupt our ecosystem.

Breakout Sessions 

Panel Discussion

How to Elevate Your Future

Asher Mathew, Mike Nevin, Daryn Edgar, and Tina Gravel with host Lisa Blalock

Proven Tips to Boost Your Career

Christine Bongard: Advocating Women in Tech

Join The Co-Founder and CEO of The WIT Network for this educational session on professional networking. You too can be a successful networker! Christine will dive deep into best practices for external, internal and digital networking.

Lyndsay Dowd: How to Brand Yourself NOW for the Future

Why does EVERYONE need a personal brand?  In this session, we answer that question as well as how to start and how to sustain it.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a Fortune 100 company, you need a personal brand.

Larraine Segil: Set Your Intension/Vision and Become Exceptional

How a career in Partnering led to a Career in Mentoring - applying the tools.

Alexandra Dimian: What if Luck Could Be One of Your Skills?

"I believe that luck is preparation meeting opportunity" Oprah Winfrey. What is your definition of luck? Do you use it consciously? Luck has been studied scientifically and there are specific  techniques to boost wellbeing and success. This workshop will provide you with keys so that you can improve your luck factor. 

How Partnerships are Changing for the Future

Jay McBain & Tina Gravel: Partnership Trends Now and in the Future

Partnerships are continually evolving, and even more so in recent times with heightened attention on Partner Programs and teams, with how they deliver, and what ROI are they giving the CEO. Now more than ever you need to improve your partnerships while keeping an eye on what other companies are doing with their Partner Programs. Join Tina and Jay as they discuss the upcoming trends in Partnerships - and most importantly how the corporate world is embracing Ecosystems more and more.

Dianna Geairn & Vince Menzione: Maximize Your Marketplace. Making 1+1 = 3

A practical discussion on how to pick the right marketplaces from the 3-4 hyper scalers to the 100's of "channel", CSP, and hosting marketplaces; which includes how to engage them as partners! It will provide some numbers on how marketplaces can affect scalability, Lifetime Contract Value, and average deal size.

Asher Mathew: Charting the Heights of Partnerships

In this session, Asher Mathew, CEO of Partnerships, will share the top insights from Catalyst, the worlds largest conference for partnerships, channels, alliances, business development and ecosystem professionals and executives. These are his top takeaways from the conference that will help you become a great partner leader and increase the impact of your programs.

Allison Munro: The Future is Marketing and Ecosystem

Building a partnership ecosystem can yield a 1+1+1=6 outcome with powerful marketing. Find out why the growth trajectory of engaging in a strong, collaborative ecosystem drives results.

Ann Rosenberg: Sustainability and Partnerships Is Only Just Beginning

From renewable solutions to policy shifts, our collective efforts are steering us toward a greener, more resilient world. Let's anticipate the discussions and actions that will define COP28's impact on global sustainability. 

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