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We are an organisation of volunteers dedicated to helping women build their Alliance & Partnership careers through networking and skill development.

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  • being part of the massive and effective network

  • learning from one another

  • being part of the industry outside of their jobs

  • ...including getting 'work therapy' and a 'life line'!!

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Who We Are

In 2020 a number of women from Alliance Best Practice decided to get together and create a group to help one another to boost our careers and global network!

We are a collection of GSI, software vendor, and not-for-profit Alliance professionals that want to network, and share and gain knowledge from one another to help women achieve the roles that reflect their true ability.

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Ways We Help

Group Calls
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reach out across the globe

Alliances is about networking at its core. Let's reach out to one another and give another woman a hand!
Check out the Members section for the member list, join the regional Group chat,  and join networking events.

Skill Development

improving how we work

Learn from some leading women in industry on our webinars
In addition we recommend Alliance Best Practice's VST methodological framework for building and fixing your partnerships.

Career Paths

one step at a time

The first 2024 Mentoring cohort has started. Become a member to be notified of our second cohort dates in H2.

We can also help with recommending newly advertised roles, and CV advice. Look for members with 'CV Support' on their profile.
Please reach out!

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