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Leading through the Pandemic

I'm pleased to have contributed the chapter, "From Five Star Hotels to Five Hours of Zoom", in this book. In it I recall my experiences during the first 8 months in lockdown.

For many of us, we greeted 2020 with a sense of hope, optimism, and promise. Even the number to the year had a nice symmetry to it and suggested perfect vision and clarity. It was going to be our best year yet. Instead, we came face-to-face with the massive paradigm shift of living in a world shrouded by the pandemic.

Through the lockdowns, toilet paper chaos, and remote office shuffles, people in leadership positions throughout the world had to adapt. When faced with a dizzying array of new challenges, some of these leaders learned to thrive.

In this book you’ll receive the leadership lessons they don’t teach you in business school. With 25 conscious leaders showing the way, you’ll receive a new blueprint for 21st-century leadership.

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